Moeller PS416-BGT-421 Rack

Moeller Electric PS416-BGT-421

Free Slots
Flush Mounting 19


  • For mounting PLCs. All PS416-BGT-421 racks can be used as a base or expansion rack.


  • Provides slots for the cards
  • Protects the cards from mechanical stress and electromagnetic
    interference and emissions
  • Provides the internal bus for exchanging signals between the cards
  • Monitors the voltage, and generates the watchdog enable signal
    for the internal bus
  • Each rack is fitted with a PE terminal for grounding faults
  • A potential equalization bar can be mounted For connecting
    screened cables and grounding interference.
  • The expansion rack is linked to the basic unit through Suconet K
  • The expansion rack can be fitted with:
    - Power supply card
    - Suconet K card
    - Digital and analog I/O cards
    - Counter cards


  PS416-CPU-x00, CPU
PS416-POW-4x0, Power Supply Card
PS416-BGT-4xx, Rack

Hardware and Engineering 02/98 AWB27-1208GB with
supplement 11/01 BL2700-8800

[1.3 MB] - [26.11.2001]

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