Moeller PS416-AIO-400
Analog Input/Output Card

Moeller Elecrici PS416-AIO-400

Input/Output Voltage Input/Output Current Connection Points Resolution
Inputs Outputs
0 ... 10 V
10 V
0 ... 5 V
5 V
0 - 20 mA
4 -20 mA
4 4 12-bit max.


  • The PS416-AIO-400 analog cards detect analog measured values.
  • The PS416-AIO-400 also provides analog output values for the process to be controlled.
  • Space required: 1 slot
  • Potential isolation to PS416 internal bus
  • Plug-in screw terminals; making it possible to pre-wire the plug connectors
  • Resolution max. 12-bit or 4096 increments
  • Pre-selection of various resolutions for optimum matching to the controlled process
  • Signal measuring points for measurements with external measuring devices
  • The measured values are available either in the user program
    as normalized values (mV, mA) or as non-scaled values (0 to 4095)
  • Can be used in basic units and expansion racks of the PS416
  • No external power supply for the card
  • Inputs are protected from excessive voltages and currents
  • Total error of voltage and current I/O (0 to +55 °C) normally 0.4 %; deviations due to interference up to 10 % (interference class B)

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