Moeller LE4-116-XD1
Digital Expansion Module

LE4-100 Series, Local Expansion Modules, Hardware and Engineering.
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  Inputs Outputs
Quantity  Digital Analog Digital Analog
-- -- 16 --
Type     24 VDC
Overload Proof Short-Circuit Proof

Function: incremental, 2 channels
Maximum transfer rate: 300 KHz

LE4-116-XD1 Display Options

MV4 Graphic Panel
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     MV4 Text Panel
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MV4 Touch Panel
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EM4-20x Expansions

LEs can only be installed at specific positions depending on their particular function. The position numbers "1" and "2" indicate which LE can be used at which position. Ensure that the current balance is maintained.

EM4-20x Expansions

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