Moeller DF6-340-11K
Frequency Inverter

Assigned Motor Rating
Frequency Inverter Mains Supply
Mains Current Rated Operational Current
Without mains choke or line filter
Mains Fuse Mains Contactor Mains Choke Radio Interference Filter
11 22 24 PKZM0-25 DIL0M DE4-LN3-15K DE6-LZ3-032-V4



Inch to MM Conversion

Convert to MM

MM to Inch Conversion

Convert to Inches

If the frequency inverter is to be installed in a control panel, enclosure or similar installation, the prevalent ambient temperature within these enclosures or control panels is considered to be the ambient temperature Ta. All rating data of the power section are based on a switching frequency of 5 kHz (default setting) and an ambient temperature of +40 °C, with operation of a four pole three-phase asynchronous motor.

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