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Moeller Electric History

Hein Moeller of Moeller Electric Moeller Electric - the world's first three phase contactor Moeller Electric  PLC - one of the world's first! Moeller Electric and the Environment - think green! Moeller Electric Innovation

Moeller Electric Corporation is a world-renowned, full line manufacturer of industrial electric and electronic controls and systems. Moeller Electric has earned a worldwide reputation for high quality engineering and ecologically sensitive manufacturing of components, engineering assemblies and enclosures.

Already a well-known leader in control and automation markets for our circuit breakers, motor control components, custom-built control assemblies, motor control centers, and programmable logic controllers (PLC's), we are now committed to expanding our technological leadership in power distribution as well.

Founded more than 100 years ago, Moeller Electric has grown into a $1.3 billion global company with more than 12,000 employees. Through product innovation, superior design engineering, strategic alliances and acquisitions, the company has established a significant presence in world markets.

With representation in over 80 countries, Moeller Electric is well-positioned to efficiently serve the requirements of its global customers. Our products, systems, and services include the necessary approvals required for worldwide acceptance and are readily available to you wherever and whenever you need them.

With a nationwide team of highly experienced sales engineers and customer service representatives, we can partner with you to select Moeller Electric components and tailor systems to meet your industrial motor control, automation, and energy distribution requirements for either US or international facilities. In addition to custom developed systems, we can provide industrial electrical and electronic motor control components to meet just about any domestic or export requirements. From design to distribution, from a single component to the most complex turnkey project, Moeller Electric's strength is in solving power and control problems simply, safely, reliably and locally in nearly every corner of the world. Whether OEM's, industrial users or distributors, customers can depend on a partnership with Moeller Electric.

Moeller Electric's history is dotted with milestones rooted in innovations that have greatly influenced the electrical industry and, in many ways, revolutionized its development. What began with the design of the first small, oil-immersed contactor at the beginning of this century remains valid today with a whole new generation of products. Some of the most notable technological achievements in the company's history are:

  • 1899: Manually operated starter for DC generators with enhanced safety features.
  • 1910's: Development of the first, three phase, oil-immersed contactor in Europe.
  • 1920's: First to develop and use insulating material enclosures for industrial control.
  • Recognition as leader in manufacturing and calibration technology used in the production of bimetallic overload relays.
  • 1930's: Introduction of the revolutionary concept "lifespan of electrical switching devices to equal the lifespan of the connected equipment", which led to the creation of IEC application categories.
  • Development of the world's first manual motor protector, type PKZM.
  • 1940's: Development of Androit insulating material for motor control enclosures.
  • 1950's: Contactors with four-way interruption.
  • The first totally insulated ID distribution and industrial control system.
  • 1960's: Introduction of the world's first fuseless, current-limiting, high interrupting circuit breakers, type NZMH.
  • 1980's: Introduction of the world's first compact, high performance, micro-programmable controllers, type PS 3.
  • Introduction of the first, self-protected combination motor controller, type PKZ 2-./-SP, listed under the new category UL 508E and certified as a new class of device by CSA.
  • 1990's: Recipient of ISO 9001 certification, the first among the companies in the German electrical industry.
  • Development of ARCON arcfault protection systems that extinguishes destructive arc faults in power distribution systems, in speeds previously unachievable.
  • Introduction of Easy, a new generation compact, multifunction relay.

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