One always fits the other.
Full functionality with just a few variants

Whether on or off, overload or short-circuit: The differential signalling always leads quickly to the cause of the trip release. The auxiliary contacts can be installed without tools and inform with control circuit reliability about every switching state.

Particularly comfortable, the optional auxiliary contact NHI-E, which can be installed at a later date in circuit-breakers that are already installed and wired. Of course all auxiliary contacts and releases are devices for world markets with the conventional mains voltages.

The modular xStart system

Modular standard components for motor starter configuration, optimally matched to one another and simple to combine with the same accessories from the PKZ system, fulfil the customer requirements for exchangeable “standard” devices.

  Base units PKE/PKZ   Top-hat rail adapter and busbar adapter
  Auxiliary contacts and trip releases PKE/PKZ Communication module SmartWire-DT
  Connection technology for motor starter configuration PKE/PKZ   Accessories
  Contactors DIL   Motor starter MSC
  Auxiliary contacts DIL      

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