for PKE / XTPE Motor Control

SmartWire-DT is the Innovative and Intelligent Connection Technology

SmartWire-DT is the Optimum Extension to
the Motor Starter Combinations PKE.

Universal networking for motor and system protection

The plug-in networking solution PKE-SWD-SP enables integration of the motorprotective circuit-breaker PKE into the system SmartWire-DT. In an instant, a motor-protective circuit-breaker is created with communication capability that signals both simple status data as well as the switching state, trip causes and switch settings as well as analog information such as the actual current value and thermal motor image. This provides a better insight into the system and optimization of processes and facilitates prevention of process failures. The combination of the function element PKE-SWD-SP can be undertaken with the PKE base units. This results in a universal networking solution for the current range from 0.3 A to 65 A. With the PKE-SWD-CP module the circuitbreakers PKE-XTU(W)ACP are combined with the system SmartWire-DT.

Networked PKE motor-starter combination up to 32 A

The function element PKE-SWD-32 enables the integration of PKE motor starter combinations up to 32 A into the system SmartWire-DT. The function element is plugged directly onto the contactor of the motor-starter combination and connected via an additional connection to the PKE motor-protective circuitbreaker. The integrated interface to the contactor coil enables the control of the motor-starter combination and reports its state. The control wiring required up to now as well as the respective digital input/output level of the PLC are no longer required. The measuring and state data of the circuit-breaker and the motor to be monitored are transferred via the connection to the PKE motorprotective circuit-breaker. With the assistance of the resulting data transparency, far-reaching possibilities exist for optimization of the manufacturing process .

Information at your fingertips thanks to SmartWire-DT

Through the integration of the the motorprotective circuit-breaker PKE to SmartWire- DT, all switching states and status messages, which were only accessible using additional equipment up to this point, are transferred to the control. This reduces the wiring effort of the motor connector and simultaneously provides enhanced transparency. The additional transfer of process data such as the actual motor current and thermal motor loading indicate potential process failures in advance. This improves the servicefriendliness and availability of the system.

The advantages at a glance

  • Recording of switching states without the use of auxiliary contacts
  • Integrated current measurement and transfer without the use of additional measurement sensors and evelauation electronics
  • Facilitates avoidance of process failures with motor overloads
  • Monitoring of switch settings enables preventative motor protection
  • Refined tripping indication simplifies troubleshooting
  • Substitution of the control wiring and the digital I/O level by the SmartWire-DT concept


  • Switch position PKE, contactor
  • Set rated current
  • Set time-lag class

Current / Capacity Utilization

  • Relative motor current value
  • Thermal motor loading

Current / Capacity Utilization

  • Diagnostics

Additional Functions

  • Overload relay function (contactor is switched off at overload)
  • Manual / automatic operation via rotary switch

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