Eaton Moeller
24 AC/DC
Yellow Flashing Stacklight Module



Voltage = 24 AC/DC

Part Number = SL-BL24-Y

Color = Yellow

Setting Jumpers

Built-in jumpers are used in stack light modules to determine the wiring position.

The jumper of the bottom-most module should be set to position 1; this is the supplied jumper position for all modules.

When a second module is added on top of the first, the jumper must be moved to position 2.

The jumper of the third module must be moved to position 3, and so on.

A maximum of five modules may be added to a stack light.

Stacklight Technical Information


Standards  IEC/EN 60947 
Degree of protection, IEC/EN 60529  IP65 with SL-IP65 gasket;
IP20 with SL-A acoustic indicator
Climatic proofing  Damp heat, constant, to IEC
60068-2-78; Damp heat, cyclical,
to IEC 60068-2-30 
Ambient temperature
Enclosed [°C]
- 25 / 50 
Mounting position  As required 
Mechanical shock resistance according to
IEC 60068-2-27
Shock duration 11 ms, half-sinusoidal [g] 
> 15 
Terminal Capacity
Solid [mm2]
Stranded [mm2]

0.75 – 2.5
0.5 – 2.5


Rated impulse withstand voltage   Uimp  [V AC] 4000 
Rated insulation voltage   Ui   [V] 250 
Overvoltage category / pollution degree  III / 3 

ASI Base Module


Connection of the AS interface line Screw terminal on the
circuit board
Addressing Through AS interface
line connection
Maximum total current   [mA] ≤ 250
Power supply From AS interface line only
Ambient temperature   [°C] -25 / 55
Status LEDs on the circuit board Status. Output Q0/function module
position 1: green
Status. Output Q1/function module
position 2: green
Status. Output Q2/function module
position 3: green
AS interface power line: green
AS interface error, AS interface master
failure: red

Stacklight Dimensions

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