Eaton Moeller
230 Vac/Vdc
Red/Green Stacklight
Complete Device


Complete Device

Voltage = 24 Vac/Vdc

Part Number = SL-100-L-RG-24

Color = Red & Green


Stacklight Technical Information


Standards  IEC/EN 60947 
Degree of protection, IEC/EN 60529  IP65 with SL-IP65 gasket;
IP20 with SL-A acoustic indicator
Climatic proofing  Damp heat, constant, to IEC
60068-2-78; Damp heat, cyclical,
to IEC 60068-2-30 
Ambient temperature
Enclosed [°C]
- 25 / 50 
Mounting position  As required 
Mechanical shock resistance according to
IEC 60068-2-27
Shock duration 11 ms, half-sinusoidal [g] 
> 15 
Terminal Capacity
Solid [mm2]
Stranded [mm2]

0.75 – 2.5
0.5 – 2.5


Rated impulse withstand voltage   Uimp  [V AC] 4000 
Rated insulation voltage   Ui   [V] 250 
Overvoltage category / pollution degree  III / 3 

ASI Base Module


Connection of the AS interface line Screw terminal on the
circuit board
Addressing Through AS interface
line connection
Maximum total current   [mA] ≤ 250
Power supply From AS interface line only
Ambient temperature   [°C] -25 / 55
Status LEDs on the circuit board Status. Output Q0/function module
position 1: green
Status. Output Q1/function module
position 2: green
Status. Output Q2/function module
position 3: green
AS interface power line: green
AS interface error, AS interface master
failure: red

Stacklight Dimensions

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