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RMQ Titan, RMQ16 and FAK Foot & Palm Switches

RMQ Titan Pushbuttons

RMQ Titan Pushbuttons

  • Ergonomic design through actuator elements shaped to the curve of the fingertip.
  • Optimum illumination efficiency through specially designed lenses in the indicator lights.
  • The use of Moeller's LEDs ensures low current consumption, less heat, vibration resistance, and a long lifespan – 100,000 hours (11½ years continuously), at a cost equivalent to filament bulbs.
  • Fast connection to AS-i possible at any time.
  • Mounting in 22.3 mm grid dimensions.
  • Up to 6 contact elements can be clipped on in 2 levels.
  • Convertible maintained or spring-return function with all maintained pushbutton actuators.
  • Degree of protection Type 3R, 12, 4X, 13 and IP 66 allows use in rugged industrial environments.
  • Complies with all international standards and regulations such as IEC/EN 60 947, UL, CSA, and CE.

Pushbutton plates, lenses, and legend plates of the RMQ Titan range of control circuit devices can be provided with laser inscriptions as required. The information is burnt into the surface and thus, unlike with print-inscribed elements, provides maximum wear resistance and durability, and helps ensure a uniform appearance. Virtually any text or symbol can be inscribed.

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RMQ16 Pushbuttons

RMQ16 Pushbuttons
Compared with conventional 22mm ranges, the use of RMQ16 devices with 18×18mm front elements achieves a three-fold operator packing density.

Advantages include:

  • The RMQ16 front elements are available as actuators, command and signal combinations and indicator lights.
  • Bus connection reduces the cost.
  • The special contact material provides superb circuit safety even at minimum control voltages.
  • A protection rating of NEMA 13, IP 65 ensures reliability in harsh environments.
  • Choose from a large selection of standard symbols and texts in English, German and French.



FAK Foot and Palm Switches
FAK Foot and Palm Switches

FAK Foot and Palm Switches
The FAK switch is ruggedly durable and deserves a second look when considering your switch needs.

Benefits Include:

  • Environmentally rated IP69K (exceeds NEMA 4X) to withstand up to 80 degrees C (176F) @ 100 bar (1,450 psi) high pressure water wash down areas.
  • Available as a momentary contact or as a tease-proof, latching (push-pull) EMERGENCY-STOP push button meeting the latest European electrical equipment "CE" safety directives: EN 60947-5-1, EN 60204 and EN 418, in addition to UL and CSA approval.
  • Ideal for use on vehicles such as rubbish/sanitation trucks where high pressure wash down is required (meets EN 1501 standard).
  • Can be fitted with up to three contacts for use in redundant safety circuits.
  • Threaded cable entry knockouts are provided on each side and on the rear for easy wire connection.
  • An accessory pilot light can be installed in one of the unused knockouts for visible switch status indication.


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