Eaton/Moeller Joysticks Index

Eaton/Moeller Joysticks Index

The M22 RMQ-Titan joystick enables users to switch two positions (contacts) in
succession in one operating direction. In this way, solutions for setup mode or creep/rapid motion selection can be implemented easily. Moeller offers its joystick variants in different operating directions: a.) two directions for vertical operation (up/down), b.) two directions for horizontal operation (right/left)
and c.) four directions (up/down/right/left) - each with two switch positions per operating direction.

Part Name Article Number Positions Function
M22-WJ2H 289195 2
M22-WJ4 279417 4
M22S-WRJ4 279416 4
M22S-WJ4 279418 4
M22S-WJ2H 289197 2
M22-WRJ2H 289199 2
M22S-WRJ2H 289241 2
M22-WJ2V 289196 2
M22S-WJ2V 289198 2
M22-WRJ2V 289240 2
M22S-WRJ2V 289242 2
M22-WRJ4 279415 4

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