PKZM1-1.6 shown
Setting Range of Adjustable Thermal Trips Response Current of Magnetic Trips General Use 600 V - 25 A 1 Phase at: 230 Max HP 3 Phase at: 460 V
0.24 - 0.4 4.8 In this range select in accordance with motor nameplates full load current.

The PKZM1 is a 3 phase thermal magnetic motor protective device incorporating bimetal trips for motor overload protection and magnetic trips to de-energize the motor circuit in case of a short circuit. It is UL Listed and CSA certified as a HIP rated manual motor controller which provides motor running overload protection. In addition, the PKZM1 is UL listed and CSA certified for group applications as per NEC 450-53(c) and CEC part 1, Rule 28-206. This means that a group of motors, each protected and controlled by a PKZM1 can be combined under a single branch circuit short circuit and ground fault protective device the maximum rating of which is marked on each PKZM 1 manual motor protector.

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