EATON (Cutler Hammer) C441
Motor Insight Overload and Monitoring Relays

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  • Power, Voltage and current monitoring, ground fault, flexible communications, motor and line protection in a single package
  • Monitor energy consumption at individual loads to avoid peak demand charges
  • Protect pumps from dead-head or starved conditions
  • 0-660V, 1-540A with two relays
  • Remote display allows for configuration without opening the panel, providing additional operator safety
Power Source Monitoring Range Current Range Eaton
Catalog Number
240 Vac (170-264) 170-264 Vac 1-9A C441BA
5-90A C441BB
480 Vac (323-528) 323-528 Vac 1-9A C441CA
5-90A C441CB
600 Vac (489-660) 489-660 Vac 1-9A C441DA
5-90A C441DB
120 Vac (102-132) 170-660 Vac 1-9A C4410109NOUI
5-90A C4410590NOUI

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