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Billhofer Laminators More Information
Billhöfer, founded in 1911, is a world-wide supplier of machinery, systems and components for the coating, finishing and compound of flat substrates in the ranges of paper, cardboard, metal, textile, plastic etc.
Baker Perkins More Information
Now part of Goss International Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology web offset press systems for the newspaper and commercial printing industries, many of the presses manufactured in the 1970s are still in use today!
Bobst Die Cutter More Information
The BOBST GROUP organization relies on the will to supply quality solutions to the markets it serves. It structure enables it to dedicate itself with efficiency to the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries.
Didde Web Press More Information
Didde Press Systems is the worldwide leading manufacturer of narrow web offset presses, providing a broad range of printing and packaging solutions
Drent More Information
Over 60 years of experience in press manufacturing has led to an amazing product. Proven shaftless web press technology has been combined with innovations that minimise make-ready time. The result is the Vision, a press that offers today's printers competitive advantages in productivity, versatility and order turnaround time.
Goebel More Information
Drent Goebel is the innovative provider of high quality printing solutions for the packaging industry. Also In the realm of security printing Drent Goebel is the worldwide leader, thanks to its contemporary solutions.
Goss Graphic Systems More Information
Goss International Corporation is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology web offset press systems for the newspaper and commercial printing industries.
Hantscho More Information
Now known as Goss Hantscho, Hantscho is a global leader in the design and manufacture of advanced technology web offset press systems for the newspaper and commercial printing industries.
Harris Press More Information

Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG acquired the American web offset specialist, Harris, thus entering a new market in 1980. In 2000 Heidelberg celebrated its 150th anniversary. Today roughly 400,000 Heidelberg presses are running in 240,000 printing companies spanning the globe.

Heildelberg Press More Information
Heidelberg has grown from a traditional printing press manufacturer to become the world's largest solutions provider for the print media industry.
KBA Planeta More Information
The Koenig & Bauer Group is one of the largest press manufacturers worldwide and has the broadest press range in the industry. The parent company is Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) with facilities in Würzburg, Radebeul, Frankenthal and Trennfeld (all in Germany).
King Press More Information
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Komori More Information
Commercial offset presses (offset sheetfed presses and offset web presses), currency and securities printing presses, web offset packaging presses, and printing equipment.
Miehle More Information
On July 5, 1978 the last Miehle Vertical  was built by Rockwell Graphic Systems (Miehle Printing Division), the company that took over the Miehle-Goss operation.But the little Miehle Vertical continues to "clip-clop, click-clop," in thousands of shops throughout the world. Its versatility enables it to print beautifully, as well as die cut, score, number, imprint, etc. Also its has become a favorite of the hobby, private and book printers who appreciate its durability and capability to achieve fine printing.
Muller Martini More Information
Muller Martini is a worldwide organization that manufactures, markets and services a full range of post-press finishing equipment for commercial printers, binderies and newspaper plants, as well as web offset presses.
Polar More Information
The Company Adolf Mohr, Maschinenfabrik was founded in 1906. The product line is marketed worldwide under the brand name POLAR. The main products are High-Speed Cutters for the graphic and paper converting industry, peripheral equipment for all operations around cutting. POLAR is world leader and trendsetter.
Roland Miehle More Information
Buy Klockner Moeller parts for Royal Zenith Printing Presses.
Royal Zenith More Information
Buy Klockner Moeller parts for Royal Zenith Printing Presses.
Sanden Machine More Information
Sanden Machine Limited is the world's leading manufacturer of state of the art web printing and collating machinery for the direct mail, business forms, packaging and specialty web offset printing industry.
Schriber Harris More Information
The company sold thousands of short run forms presses including: the Harris Schriber 500, SR800, MR1000, ,M1000, NMC1000, and M70. The Schriber Company also sold thousands of roll collators. Included the standard, 300A, 505, 525, 625, 550, 750, 925, and 950. Harris Schriber also made big presses like the 800, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1530, and 1830. Schriber was also notable for introducing the first industrial make ready systems on this type of press in 1975 on the 1200. When the variable press concept took hold Harris sold the FC50 and CS50 that were made in Italy, and their own variable size machines starting with the Harris VS820, then the VS920, VS1220, VS1330, and finally the VS1050.
Solna More Information
Buy Klockner Moeller parts for Solna Printing Presses.
Stahl More Information
In the range of folding machines Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG offers comprehensive solutions for the fold technical finishing with their buckle plate folders, combination folders as well as mailing systems of the Stahlfolder series.
Taiyo More Information
Since their founding 1961, Taiyo Kikai has always focused on the development of new technology in the printing industry. Taiyo Kikai has developed over 100 different kinds of printing presses throughout the world as a pioneer of business forms presses.

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