M-MAX Inverters

Frequency Inverters M-MAX

The M-MAX series frequency inverters allow drives to be adapted easily to customer requirements including a compact design for assigned motor ratings from 0.25 kW to 5.5 kW.

M-MAX also demonstrates how a high level of functionality which can be implemented in a simple and user-friendly design. The small and compact book format design also allows for space saving. M-MAX is provided with an integrated RFI filter (EMC) and a flexible interface for important machine building requirements, for example, the optimization of production and manufacturing processes. It reliably ensures the required motion sequences of the drive motor and thus contributes to operational safety.

The compact design of the M-MAX saves valuable mounting space in machine building since the RFI filter and the brake chopper are already integrated. Shielded control and motor cable can also be connected with EMC compliance directly to the frequency inverter. The maximum permissible ambient temperature of +50 °C during operation with continuous current and with full overload withstand capability also meets machine building requirements. The performance of the sensor less vector control ensures also a high speed accuracy; even with load deviations and low motor speeds.


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