Electronic Timing Relay Overview

DILET Moeller Electronic Timing Relay

DILET timing relays offer the economical system solution for necessary time-dependent switching. The options range from a simple On-delayed to a multi-function relays.

All components offer:

  • Timing relay design matches that of the DILE contactors, thereby enabling optimium utilization of control panel space and lending a uniform style to the entire installation.
  • Features such as panel and DIN rail mounting options, finger-proof moldings and raised screws ready for connection, facilitate mounting and wiring.
  • DILET11-M-A with On-delay function features a choice of ten time ranges between 0.05 seconds and 60 hours.
  • DILET70-A multi-function relay with eight timing functions and ten time ranges between 0.05 seconds and 60 hours.

One voltage variant make engineering simple. There is no need to specify or stock multiple coil voltages.

  • An all-purpose version covers a DC range from 24 V to 240 V DC as well as an AC range from 24 V to 240 V at 50Hz or 60Hz.

ETR4 Moeller Electronic Timing Relay

ETR4 timing relays control machines and systems to an accuracy of a hundredth of a second in a wide range of timing functions.

ETR4 electronic timing relays are components for the world market, with a wide range of approvals, including UL and CSA. These electronic timing relays are finger-proof and back-of-hand proof in compliance with IEC standards, thereby ensuring stringent safety levels and facilitating trouble-free manufacturing.


ETR4 advantages:

  • Excellent repetition accuracy.
  • Microprocessor controlled for optimum reliability.
  • Very high resistance to interference voltages.
  • Rugged output contacts.
  • Clear-cut front design.
  • Simple installation and setting.
  • Suitable for use with virtually all voltages and frequencies worldwide.

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