Shipping Weight

Digital Tension Readout
Enclosure Model

8 lbs.

The MAGPOWR Model TR-5 Tension Readout is a device for measuring tension in a moving web, strand, wire or narrow tape. It uses either one or two MAGPOWR load cell(s) and interconnection cable(s). This system can be used on any non-driven idler roll or at any position where the wrap angle of the web or strand does not change. Each load cell contains four foil type strain gages bonded to a sensing beam. These gages convert the load on the roll or sheave to an electrical signal. Within the TR-5, the signal from the load cell(s) is amplified and displayed on the tension meter.

The amplifier of the TR-5 has low drift and high linearity with a gain control range of 8:1 and tare
adjustment of 50%. An auxiliary 0 to 10 vdc, or 4 to 20 madc output is provided for interfacing to other products or systems.

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