Eaton Moeller EMR4-W500-2-D

Phase Monitoring Relay

Description Supply Voltage Monitoring Voltage
  • Monitors three-phase systems for phase sequence, over- and undervoltage and phase failure (< 0.6 x Ue)
  • 3-phase voltage monitoring within a range
  • Selectable On-delay or Off-delay (0.1 – 10 s)
300 – 500

Umin 300 – 380 V AC
Umax 420 – 500 V AC

EMR4-W500-2-D Circuit Symbol

EMR4-W500-2-D Circuit Symbol

EMR4-W500-2-D AWA Installation Sheet

EMR4-F500-2, EMR4-W...
02/00 AWA 2431-1863 FD/
[259.92 KB]

EMR4-W500-2-D Dimensions

EMR4-W500-2-D Dimensions EMR4-W500-2-D Dimensions

EMR4-W500-2-D Dimension Data

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