EASY-SOFT V6.10 Software


EASY-SOFT-Basic supports:


EASY-SOFT-Pro supports:
easy800 and MFD-Titan.

EASY-SOFT: Project   
  • EASY-SOFT simplifies everything for the user. The graphic editor directly displays the required representation of the circuit diagram.
  • Selection menus and "Drag and Drop" functions simplify connection of the elements. Simply select the contacts and the coils and connect them with a mouse click – and you are ready!
  • You have the choice of 13 languages with the user-friendly EASY-SOFT menus and text.
  • Using the integrated offline simulation mode, the user can test the circuit configuration before commissioning and without connecting the hardware to ensure that the circuit functions as intended.
  • Comments for contacts, coils and function modules provide clarity.
  • A cover sheet with an individual company logo, various text fields and the cross-reference list with comments provide a perfect documentation solution for the application.

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