EASY Automation Programming Examples

MFD Titan Automated Lighting

Lighting for shop windows:
• Automatic daylight- and clock-controlled switching
of lighting and external advertising shows products
in a “favorable light”.
• Lighting can be activated in the event of an alarm or
at random.
• Program protection via password.
• Supply and input voltage 100 to 240 V AC.
Direct switching of the load current via relay. Direct
connection of, for example, standard recessed switches
to easy.

Lighting control for buildings:

• Both centralized and decentralized impulse-relay
function switching of lights is possible.
• A real-time controlled Off pulse enables central
disconnection of the lighting for power saving
• A basic unit can control up to 12 separate groups of
lighting. Convenience lighting control such as that of
a central light for cleaning, semi-lighting in the stair
well or a pulse for pre-warning of a dark phase can
be configured.
• Suitable for fitting in low-voltage distribution boards
due to 45 mm standard front dimension, and either
4, 6, 8 or 12 times MCB width.

• Daylight- and temperature governed control of
skylights, heating, blowers, watering and lighting.
• Recording and processing of up to four analog values
such as temperature, humidity or brightness.
• Processing, comparison, display and output of the
analog values via convenient arithmetical functions
and analog output.
• Setting of required values directly at the device.
• Manual intervention possible at any time via external
switches or the four built-in cursor keys.

HGV cooling system:

• Operating temperature range -25 °C to +55 °C of all
the easy devices enables them to be used directly
in outdoor installations, on vehicles, etc.
• easy is particularly cost efficient: it can do without the
keypad and display window and then costs less. Here
an LED signals the operating status. The easy circuit
diagrams are used in all easy devices, whether or
not they have a display window.
• Temperature, pressure, etc. can be recorded via
analog inputs.
• Devices mounted by fitting onto top-hat rail,
or by screw fixing using the mounting brackets.

Machine control:
• Plug-in memory module enables duplication of easy
circuit diagram without a PC. Any subsequent changes
to the circuit diagram which may be necessary, can be
undertaken off-site, the memory module sent to site
and the modifications read into the easy there.
• Adjustable start-up behavior (RUN or STOP), which
then governs the operating mode when the power
is switched on, facilitates commissioning.
• Detection of short circuits and selective disconnection
of the transistor outputs in the event of short circuit
or overload.

Container control:

• Straightforward and economic communication over distances
of up to 1000m via the built-in easy-NET interface.
• Application variable, due to presetting of various
mixing and running times via direct parameter input
into the device.
• easy800 – up to 32 status and indication texts can be
• MFD-Titan – display of graphic elements such as opera
ting processes, machine sections and alarm messages.
• MFD-Titan – suited for use in harsh environments
IP 65 / Nemax 4
• MFD-Titan – customized Laser inscription of the front
side and function keys.

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