Moeller VGBDIL24
Varistor Suppressor

Part #

Contactor for use with: Voltage Description
VGBDIL24 DIL00AM, DIL00M, DIL1AM, DIL1M, DIL2AM, DIL2M, DIL3M80, DIL4M115 12-24 Varistor Suppressors




Qty 1 - VGBDIL24
(Varistor Suppressor) as indicated by the red arrow. All  DILM contactors sold separately.

For AC operated contactors, 50 – 60 Hz, (DIL00M to DIL4M115) and DC operated contactors (DIL00M-G to DIL2AM-G). DC operated contactors DIL3M80 to DIL4M115 have an integrated varistor suppressor as standard.

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