Moeller DIL0M/22

The DIL0M/22 is comprised of a DIL0M and a 22DILM component.

Moeller DIL0M/22 Contactor

Part# Hp @ 230 HP @ 460


Normally Open Power Normally Open Aux Normally Closed Aux

7.5 10 35 3 0 0


-- -- 25 -- 2 2

Contact Code Number:
The contact code number provides useful information of the relay. It refers to the total number of N.O. contacts (1st digit) and N.C. contacts (2nd digit) found on the device. Adding both digits will result in the total number of contacts.

DILR40 + 04DIL = 4 N.O. + 4 N.C. contacts, for a total of eight

Some contact combinations are preferred when used in configurations conforming to European Norms (EN Standards). These are denoted by the letter ā€ Eā€ in the contact code number and are in accordance with DIN EN 50 011. All other combinations without the letter ā€ Eā€ are in accordance with DIN EN 50 005. In the example above, the combination of DILR40 + 04DIL yields a relay with Type E configuration (44E).


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