Moeller DIL00M-11


The DIL00M/11 is comprised of a DIL00M and a 11DILM component.


DIL00M Contactor

Part# Hp @ 230 HP @ 460 Amps Normally Open Power
Normally Open Aux Normally Closed Aux



3 5 20 3 0 0


Part #

Amps Normally Open Aux Normally Closed Aux
11DILM 15 1 1


Qty 1 - 11DILM
(Auxiliary Contact)

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DILM820-XHI auxiliary contacts cannot be combined with auxiliary contact module SDILM
Auxiliary contacts for side mounting can be combined with auxiliary contacts for top mounting
up to a maximum of 5 contacts. Maximum of one side-mounting auxiliary contact module on either side. Do not combine a DIL0(A)M-G with a DILM820-XHI

DIL00M Dimensions
DIL00M Dimensions

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DIL00M Dimensions Data


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