EATON Eaton XTCEC10N22A (RAC250)
Series Contactors

Eaton XTCEC10N22A Contactor

The XTCEC10N22A is comprised of a XTCEC10N and two (2) DILM1000-XHI11-SI  auxiliary contacts.

Ie [A] HP Auxiliary Contacts
AC-3 AC-1 @ 230 @ 460 Normally Open Normally Closed
1000 1000 400 800 2 2

Eaton XTCEC10N22A Dimensions

Eaton XTCE1000M22 Dimensions

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Eaton XTCEC10N22A Contact Sequence

XTCEC10N22A Circuit Diagram

Side Mounting Auxiliary Contacts

Part #

Amps Normally Open Aux Normally Closed Aux
XTCEXSBN11 10 1 1

XTCEXSBN11 (Auxiliary Contact)

Includes: Qty 1 - XTCEXSBN11 (Auxiliary Contact)

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Aux Contact - Mount Either side inside (against) contactor

This is what you receive with the purchase of the XTCE185L22. 


Aux Contact - Mount piggyback to

You can easily upgrade your contactor to 4 open and 4 closed contacts by purchasing these additional auxiliary contacts. 


Mechanically Interlock (2) DILM185 - DILM500 Contactors together.

You can use this mechanical interlock to connect more then one DILM185 - DILM500 together.

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Overload Relays

Contactor Mounted
Overload Relays

Electronic Motor Protective

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Auxiliary Contacts

DILM185, DILM225, DILM250

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