Electronic Timing Relay with 10 Timing Ranges Operating Voltage 24- 240 Volts AC or DC

EC Rated operational current l at AC-15
220V, 230V, 240V

UL/CSA Pilot
Duty Rating

Time Range
3 B 300 0.05 - 100 h



Shown: XTMT6A60H70. The Actual XTMT6A60H11B is similar with the omission of the function selection knob, and the y1, y2, z1, z2 connections (see contacts sequence diagram below)  since the DILET11-M-A is an on delay timer only!


DILET11-M-A Electronic Timing Relay On-Delay Dimensions

Time Adjust Dial (Large Red Dial) 0 to 10 Equals proportional to selected range total.
( ie: .15..3m range 10 on dial equals 3 minutes )

XTMT6A60H11B Timing Relay Settings


 DILET11-30-A Electronic Timing Relay On-Delay AWA Download

Solid-state timing relay
07/03 AWA 2527-1587
[331 KB] [04.12.2001]

Accuracy of resistance value: g 10% (linear)

XTMT6A60H11B Dimensions

Inches   Millimeters  

XTMT6A60H11B Contact Information

XTMT6A60H11B Contact Information

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