Moeller Contactor Applications

Automotive Applications

A key requirement: the close interaction of manual and automated production. Only through perfected logistics processes is it possible to bring different products to the assembly line at specific times and then process them. This is an obvious task for xStart, since nothing is better suited to implementing the continuous transport of car bodies to final assembly.

The motor starter combinations in particular can be integrated perfectly in the materials handling concepts. The tried and trusted DIL contactors and PKZ motor-protective circuit-breakers can also be combined without any tools required. Thanks to the combination plug connector design, everything can not only be installed easily but can also be maintained as well.

Our contactors have one further benefit: 24 V DC versions can be actuated directly from the PLC without the need for any additional components. DIL M contactors allow you to make considerable energy savings inside the installation thanks to their reduced holding power. Thus, additional components such as power supply units, fans or air conditioning devices can be designed with more compact dimensions. Further cost optimization can be implemented with SmartWire. The control current wiring is replaced by just a single cable. In conjunction with additional diagnostics information the SmartWire is connected to a higher level PLC using a fieldbus system.


To ensure a constant dough quality for baked goods, it is important to master the kneading process: this process is referred to as proving. This considers Kneader types (important are spiral mixers, L-shaped mixers, planetary mixers), Flour grades, Initial dough temperatures and the resulting length of application.
The operating times can be selected to suit. Ultimately, the dough kneading time will be changed for example, as it is the time in which the dough rises and is product and manufacturer dependent.

Our products for machine manufacturers in the baked goods industry range from the motor control with PKZ and DIL Contactors, or steplessly variable drives with DF/DV, to the attractively priced control of the individual kneaders with easyControl, right up to automation of the baking line with the networked panels.

All recipes can be reliably controlled, and when required can be easily transferred and modified. Ideal in terms of optimum costs, good process yields – and ultimately – a continuously high level of product quality!


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