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Moeller Electric NZMH9-250/ZM9A-200
When ordering the NZMH9, you will need:

1) The full # off of the label (color may vary) example: NZM9-250
2) The full # off the black label on the overload module example: Zm9-200-obi
3) Any adjustment knobs settings if applicable.

State type, example: NZM9-250/ZM9A-250-NA
Optionally, select a substitute magnetic trip range and insert the bold number into type number, example: NZM9-250/ZM9A-250-2000-NA

NZM9-xxx/ZM9-xxx-CNA and NZMH9-xxx/ZM9-xxx-CNA disconnect switches are UL recognized (UL 508) and CSA certified (C22.2 Nr. 14) 3-pole HP rated manual motor disconnects with built-in thermal trips for motor overload protection. An adjustable dial on the front of the switch can be set to the motor
full load current.

NZM9-xxx/ZM9-xxx-CNA and NZMH9-xxx/ZM9-xxx-CNA disconnect switches are CE marked and in conformity with IEC/EN 60 947-2 (circuit breakers), which makes them suitable internationally as inverse time molded case circuit breakers with adjustable thermal and magnetic trips.

NZMH9-250/ZM9A-200 has the line and load field wiring terminals for cable connection supplied as standard. The frame is rated at 250A.

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