Klockner Moeller
Circuit Breaker


Adjustable Thermal Range Adjustable  Magnetic  Trip Maximum HP Rating 3 Phase @
230 V 460 V
25 - 40 160 - 320 10 30
The NZM6B-63/ZM6-40-320 Disconnect Switch is CE Marked and in conformity with IEC/EN 60 947-2 (Circuit Breakers), which makes them suitable internationally as inverse time molded case circuit breakers with adjustable thermal and magnetic trips.

NZM6B-63/ZM6-40-320 Installation Sheet

Switch disconnector, circuit-breaker
N6-..., N64-..., NZM(S)(H)6-.../ZM64, NZM(S)(H)64-.../ZM64, NZM6B-.../ZM6, NZM6B-.../ZM64
04/99 AWA 123-701
Created: 12/10/04
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NZM6B-63/ZM6-40-320 Dimensions


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