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Fixed Thermal Setting Adjustable Magnetic Trip, supplied standard with the breaker Adjustable Magnetic Trip, available as a substitute to standard ratings UL/CSA Interrupting Ratings (AC, 60Hz)
125 600 -1200 400 - 800,
1000 - 2000
240V 480V 600V
25 25 14

NZM6-160/ZM6A-125-NA Installation Sheet

Switch disconnector, circuit-breaker
N6-..., N64-..., NZM(S)(H)6-.../ZM64, NZM(S)(H)64-.../ZM64, NZM6B-.../ZM6, NZM6B-.../ZM64
04/99 AWA 123-701
Created: 12/10/04
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NZM6-160/ZM6A-125-NA Dimensions

NZM6-160/ZM6A-125-NA Dimensions

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When purchasing the NZM6-160/ZM6A-125-NA, you will need the full number off the label as shown in the above photo by the yellow label arrow (label color may vary) example: NZM6-160 AND the full number on the black label in the lower left hand corner  example: ZM6A-125-NA.

Standard Breakers have 3 power wires in (L1-L2-L3) on the top, and 3 power wires out (T1-T2-T3) on the bottom.

Any other control wires will indicate some sort of modification accessory is installed!

By UL code breakers can only be modified at our UL Approved service facilities.
They cannot be installed in the field or by distributors. In order to get the correct breaker to you, it is imperative that we have the correct information due to the wide variety of options that may be installed on your current breaker.

Accessories can be identified by small labels on the breaker, with part numbers such as

a.                   (u-nzm6) (230, 60) Indicates under voltage trip which needs 230 volt 60hz applied to turn the breaker on.

b.                   (a-nzm6) (230,60) Indicates shunt trip which needs 230 volt 60hz applied to turn the breaker off.

c.                   (rhi, nhi, ahi -xx) Would be auxiliary contacts.

 If the labels cannot be read or to double check their usage record all the terminal numbers that have control wires on them, and your KMparts  Specialist will advise you of your best options.

 Please note any of the above when ordering. Also check to see if they are even used. If they are present but there are no wires on them then chances are you don’t need them.

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