Moeller NZMN2-VE250
Circuit Breaker


Adjustable overload releases

Rated current = rated
uninterrupted current
In = Iu
Setting range
Overload releases
Short-circuit releases
Non Delayed  Delayed
250 125 - 250 3000 250 - 2500

NZMN2-VE250 Dimensions

NZMN2-VE250 Dimensions

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Circuit Breaker Ordering Information

Switching capacity (UL 489, CSA 22.1 No. 5.1) sym. rms (60 Hz) Switching capacity of the integrated switch-disconnector in accordance with IEC/EN 60947-3
at 400 V
Release system Releases Frame size
Normal switching capacity 85 kA 240 V 60 Hz 42 kA 480 V 60 Hz 35 kA 600 V 60 Hz Electronic release Adjustable NZM2
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