Moeller NZM4 Circuit Breaker
Flange Mount Handle

To be used as an alternative to the rotary handles, and to accommodate the more stringent NFPA-79 requirements for enclosure interlocking in Industrial Machinery control panel applications. Kits are available in two different lengths of 36" and 48" and in two environmental ratings UL/CSA 12 and 4X. For exact part numbers, see below listings.



Mechanical Unit


Bowden Cable


Metal Handle

NZM4 Mechanical Units
NZM4 Bowden Cable
NZM4 Metal Handle

NZM4 Circuit Breaker Flange Mount Kits

Kit Name Cable Length Environmental Rating
SH-36-12-NZM4 36 12
SH-48-12-NZM4 48 12
SH-36-4X-NZM4 36 4X
SH-48-4X-NZM4 48 4X

NZM4 Circuit Breaker Flange Mount Handle Dimensions

NZM4 Flange Kit

Rotary and Lockable Options Front Door Cover Mounting Options
NZM4 Rotary and Lockable Mounting NZM4 Right Side Panel Mounting

Left Side Panel Mounting Options

Right Side Panel Mounting Options
NZM2 Left Side Panel Mounting NZM2 Front Door Cover Mounting

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