Moeller NZM4 Circuit Breaker
Connection Methods

Connection with Extension

Part Number   Notes
NZM4-XKV95 nzm4 connection extension 3 Pole
NZM4-4-XKV95 4 Pole

Connection on rear

Part Number   Notes
NZM4-XKR nzm4 rear connection
Not UL/CSA approved
Copper cable lugs
Aluminum cable lug
3 or 4 pole

Control circuit terminal

Part Number   Notes
NZM4/4-XSTS control circuit terminal Screw connection
NZM-XSTK Box Terminal


Part Number   Notes
NZM4-XKSA NZM4 Cover  3 pole
 NZM4-4-XKSA  4 pole

Terminal Cover
(Knockout, not UL/CSA approved)

Part Number   Notes
NZM4-XKSFA nzm4 temrinal cover 3 pole
NZM4-4-XKSFA 4 pole
Auxiliary Contacts

NZM4 Auxiliary Contacts

NZM4 Undervoltages
Operating Elements and Handles

NZM4 Operating Elements and Handles

Mounting Accessories

NZM4 Mounting Accessories 
Residual current relay with ring-type transformer

NZM4 Residual current relay with ring-type transformer
Electronic Accessories

NZM4 Electronic Accessories
Connection Technique

NZM4 Connection Technique
Additional Insulated Terminals

NZM! Additional Insulated TerminalsI
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NZM4 Circuit Breakers

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