Moeller NZM2 Circuit Breaker
Left Side Connection

NZM2-XS-L NZM2-XS-L Lockable on the 0 position on the handle using up to 3 padlocks.
With Mounting Bracket
NZM2-XSM-L NZM2-XS-L Lockable in 0 position on handle. Narrowest minimum clearance between enclosure side plates of control panel and circuit-breaker is defined by mounting bracket. Extensions cannot be used.

NZM Left Side Connection AWA Installation

Side wall actuator NZM2
NZM2/2-XZB, NZM2-XS(R )(M)-L(R)
08/04 AWA 1230-2041
[655 KB] [10.09.2004]

Other Mounting Options

Rotary and Lockable Options Front Door Cover Mounting Options
NZM! Rotary and Lockable Mounting NZM2 Right Side Panel Mounting

Rear Panel Mounting Options

Right Side Panel Mounting Options
NZM2 Front Door Cover Mounting

Flange Mount Handle
Flange Mount Handle

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