Moeller NZM
Circuit Breaker Electronic Accessories

Data Management Interface

Part Number   Notes
NZM-XDMI612 Query of diagnostics and operational data, display of currents, parameterization and control of the circuit-breaker with electronic release. Inclusive NZM-XDMI-CAB connection cable between NZM and DMI (length: 2 m) for NZM2, NZM3. Only suitable for use in conjunction with circuit-breakers having electronic releases.

Expansion unit, networking

Part Number   Notes
NZM-XDMI-DPV1 Fieldbus interface: to PROFIBUS-DPV1 slave.
Can be operated with class 1 and class 2 masters.
Addresses available: 1 to 126
Connected to the DMI module and has the same contour appearance. Replaces the DPV0 interface EASY204-DP
EASY221-CO Fieldbus connection to CANopen
Addresses available: 1 to 127
EASY222-DN Fieldbus connection to DeviceNet
Addresses available: 0 to 63

Switched-Mode Power Supply Unit

Part Number   Notes
EASY400-POW Rated input voltage: 50/60 Hz: 115/230 V AC, rated output voltage (residual ripple): 24 V DC (g 3 %), rated output current: 1.25 A Rated input voltage: 50/60 HZ: 115/230 V AC
Rated output voltage (residual ripple): 24 V DC (± 3 %)
Rated output current: 1.25 A

Diagnostics and parameterization software 

Part Number   Notes

PC software for direct connection to all new NZM circuit-breakers with electronic releases (IEC and UL/CSA devices) or for direct connection to the DMI module, including the required connectionn cable.
Protection parameter: online display and curve display, option to curve program “Moeller CurveSelect”

Warning and release messages: reading of diagnostic memory also in volt-free state.

Load currents: display and trend indication

Recording and export options to Excel for load currents and diagnostic messages.

Configuration of the DMI: motor starter, remote operator, assignment of the DMI inputs and outputs and displays.

Only suitable for use in conjunction with circuit-breakers having electronic releases.

Telescopic Adapter

Part Number   Notes

With 35 mm top-hat rail IEC/EN 60715, adjustable from 75 – 115 mm. Screw-on and snap fitting.

Circuit Breaker Test Kit

Part Number   Notes

Simulates test currents for NZM2E, NZM3E, NZM4E, NZM10 and NZM12 circuit-breakers, with electronic release, incl. connection cable. Dual-voltage, 115/230 V, 50/60 Hz.  Supply voltage can be selected 115/230 V 50/60 Hz

FDT frame software for operating field devices

Part Number   Notes

PC software for integration of software modules (DTM's) according to the FDT standard V1.2 (e.g. NZM-XPC-DTM).

  • Operation of a temporary or stationary service station for engineering, remote diagnostics, remote operation and remote parameter definition of networked switchgear and field devices.
  • Engineering of the network topology of networked field devices.
  • Overview representation of the topology with online status information.
  • Access to the device specific DTM's for configuration, operation, parameterization and diagnostics of the devices.
  • Storage of all engineering information in a central database. Download and upload from/to the devices.


FDT frame software for operating field devices

Part Number   Notes

PC software module (Device Type Manager) to FDT/DTM standard V1.2 for integration in the FDT navigator or other FDT capable framework software packages (primary control system, PLC engineering systems).

  • Remote diagnostics, remote monitoring, remote parameter definition and remote operation of the new NZM2,3,4 circuit-breakers with electronic trip release via Profibus-DPV1.
  • Display of the circuit-breaker state (on/off/tripped), the phase currents, parameter data, status data and diagnostics data.
  • Definition of the trip parameters.
  • Display and setting of the DMI motor starter functions and assignment of the DMI inputs and outputs.
  • Control of the motor starter functions.
NZM1 Circuit Breakers NZM2 Circuit Breakers NZM3 Circuit Breakers NZM4 Circuit Breakers
NZM1 Circuit Breakers
15 - 125 Amps
NZM2 Circuit Breakers
15 - 250 Amps
NZM3 Circuit Breakers
250 - 600 Amps

NZM4 Circuit Breakers
600 - 1200  Amps




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