Control Circuit Fuse Block

These panel mounted fuse holders, designed for control circuit protection or other similar low current requirements, have extractor type fuse caps. The Class CC rejection type fuses (KTK-R) used in these holders are intended for use with equipment designated as being suitable for use on systems having high available fault currents. If branch circuit protective device is 45A or greater, C320FBR fuse kit may be required for control circuit protection per NEC 430-72.

Control Circuit Fuse Block

Type Max. Amperes
Fuse holder only 15

(1) A fuse is not supplied, but holder will accept a Bussman Type KTK or KTK-R (13/32 in x 1-1/2 in) fuse, 600V maximum.
(2) Includes a 5A, 600V KTK-R fuse.


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